Relatives & Foster Care

When a child is removed from family and placed in foster care, relatives begin a long journey of care and concern.

Some may welcome the child into their home, while others don’t know how to respond. They’re at a loss as to what their role is in such a situation or what they can do—if anything. They may feel isolated, intensely sad, or concerned about what will happen next.

Feeling shock at removal is normal for most extended family members, teachers, coaches and mentors. Hearing from other families who have experienced similar pain prepares them for the difficult process ahead.

We are not a fundraising organization… we are simply a collection of regular people who learned about the foster care problems in the Upstate of South Carolina due to personal experiences with the family court system.

Once we learned about the problem we knew we had to do something and this is what we came up with.  Join us to solving this problem in our community.

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